Cyber & Information Technology Laws

We live in an era of robots, AI bots and drones. This is an exciting time for the technology community – with the evolution of Artificial Intelligence along with the outreach of digital and mobile to larger parts of the world, there is no dearth of sustainable and scalable business plans. India has emerged as the preferred destination for technology & services outsourcing. IT, ITeS and BPO services companies need niche Cyber & Information technology lawyers having industry knowledge and practical experience for advisory in commercial agreements, outsourcing, privacy, data protection, regulatory compliance, employment and intellectual property matters.

With the advancements in internet & technology, there has been an exponential increase in the sophisticated cyber crimes. Penetration of Social Media in our daily lives has compounded the issues further. It has become easier for the criminals in profiling their targets in cyberspace. Crimes are being largely committed with the usage of technology and cyberspace. Cyber Frauds, Banking Frauds & Scams, Phishing, Cyber Stalking, Defamation, Data Privacy Breach, Data Theft are amongst the top in the list of cyber crimes prevalent in the world today.

Unlike the traditional laws, Information Technology & Cyber Laws field is continuously evolving with new jurisprudence being created across the world as the newer technology innovations emerge. With the pace at which technology is advancing, it is extremely difficult for the laws to match that pace. The next gen technology applications often pose newer set of challenges and complexities that need comprehensive knowledge of both technology areas as well as the traditional laws. This field specifically needs niche skills with good understanding of both technology as well as the traditional laws along with focus on intensive legal research.

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We offer following services in our Cyber Laws & Information Technology Laws Practice:

  • Legal Consulting & Litigation – Cyber Crimes
    • Digital Evidence Advisory
    • Hacking, Phishing, Email Spoofing
    • Online Defamation/Social Media Defamation
    • Cyber Stalking
    • Revenge Pornography
    • Deep Fakes and Fake News
    • Credit Card, UPI Frauds, Online Banking Frauds
    • Internet/Ecommerce Frauds
    • Data Theft/Privacy Breach

  • Legal Consulting & Advisory Services – Technology, Media and Telecom
    • Legal Advisory – Technology, Media, Telecom & E-Commerce Companies
    • IT Act Regulatory & Statutory Compliance
    • Intermediary Guidelines
    • IT Security Policy & Procedures
    • IT Security Legal Compliance Audits
    • Commercial Contract Drafting and Negotiations
    • E-Contracts
    • Due Diligence
    • Legal Vetting of Documents & Agreements
    • Outsourcing Agreements
    • Master Service Agreements
    • Vendor and Supplier Agreements
    • Development, Maintenance & Support Agreements
    • Licensing Agreements
    • Shrink Wrap, Click Wrap Agreements
    • Technology/Data Transfer Agreements
    • Terms and Conditions
    • Privacy Policy
    • Disclaimers

  • Legal Consulting & Advisory Services in Emerging Technology areas:
    • Blockchain Laws (and Cryptocurrency)
    • Smart Contracts
    • E-Commerce Laws
    • Gaming Laws
    • IOT Laws
    • Unmanned Aircraft Systems/Drone Regulations
    • Artificial Intelligence Regulations
    • Digital Advertising Laws

We are Cyber Laws, Cyber Crimes & Technology Lawyers based out of Chandigarh & Mohali, India and offer legal advisory and consulting services to Individuals, Startups, SMEs and Corporations across India.

We provide Litigation Services primarily in Chandigarh, Mohali and Panchkula Courts and Punjab & Haryana High Court at Chandigarh.

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